There aren’t a huge amount of scratch card products available to play online, so it’s always great to find one that differs considerably to the vast majority. They are, of course, harder to locate, but Marbles is one of the greater offerings from Netent which puts a nice spin on such a game. The idea behind the game is to try and find the golden marbles, and it’s these which will provide you with vast payouts. And don’t worry if you’ve never played a game of marbles in real life, because you don’t need to know how to do so in order to play this one. Not only that, but it brings up some nice high quality graphics and general gameplay to your screen in order to offer up an entertaining product on the whole.

Shoot 4 Gold

It’s great when such simple games as scratch cards are given a bit of a twist to make them a bit more appealing, and Shoot 4 Gold is one such game that has been given a bit of a tweak in order to increase its attractiveness to players. It essentially merges all of the appeal of scratch cards with a bit of an arcade type of feel. If you’ve ever been to a carnival or a fair, you might have seen such stalls offering shooting galleries to customers. This is basically what Shoot 4 Gold brings to your screen – the thrill of a shooting gallery with the simple and instant win features of a scratch card game. Graphically speaking, it’s a fairly average product to view, but everything wraps together to provide a welcoming and attractive option to play.

Max Win

As far as scratch cards are concerned, you’ll find that there aren’t many out there that differ in their general game play from the others. Max Win is one such game. Externally it does have its own theme, although the general idea behind the game runs in the exact same vein – scratch away the panels and try to match the icons underneath. Max Win, as a title, doesn’t particularly provide much information with regards to whether or not there’s a theme in this one, and once you’ve loaded up the game, you’ll see that it doesn’t really have any specific kind of theme. Instead, you’re presented with a simple interface which features some high quality graphics.

Lucky Double

Scratch cards aren’t very often looked upon as being the most interesting games available to play in an online casino, but Netent certainly offers up a few of the best. One of these is the game known as Lucky Double, which actually provides you with two scratch panels in one game. While it’s quite difficult to judge these types of products on graphics due to the fact that they generally don’t include much of them, this game certainly provides a visually pleasing enough interface to play on. Lucky Double has various stars displayed in the background amidst shades of purple, with its two scratchable panels being shown on top of this. Players will be able to view the paytable by clicking on the necessary button on the top right hand side, and this allows you to find out exactly what is provided as rewards for winning.