Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, or as they’re sometimes called, scratch tickets or lottery games, are considered to be instant win games, and these are mainly derived from the original cardboard scratch cards which were first issued in physical format during the 1970s. Of course, with the dawn of the internet, many land-based games are their way into online casino platforms. Scratchable tickets are no different, and they’re available at several different popular platforms. They can sometimes be found in the games category known as ‘Other Games‘, but will at other times be presented in their own category as well.

Anyone who has bought a physical one of these tickets will know exactly how they work. You simply need a coin to scratch off the silver foil from the top of the card in order to reveal various different symbols or monetary values. The standard versions require you to match three of these amounts of icons in order to be a winner. The online versions of these are exactly the same, except that you obviously don’t need to buy an actual card. Instead, you will be presented with the chance of buying a digital card, each of which will have a different price, depending upon the game you’re playing. You’ll then be given the chance to ‘scratch’ off the silver foil with a chip, or, you can take the option for it to automatically be scratched for you.

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NetEnt Scratch Cards

Of course, all of these ticket games tend to follow the same basic format, presenting you with a basic card layout and the possibility to scratch silver foil from the top. Of course, each of the physical cards you’re able to buy in land-based stores tend to have different underlying themes to them, and the online versions also follow that same format as well. In total, NetEnt have created 16 of these products, each one with a different theme to the rest. Most of them do resemble the scratch cards that can still be bought in stores today, although one or two can be simply considered standard instant win games, which also offer their own specialities alongside.

Some of the games offered by the company in this category include ‘The Lost Pyramid‘, which has a scratchable area shaped like the triangular building and offers an almost ancient Mayan appearance to its interface. There’s also ‘Shoot 4 Gold‘, which takes on the look of a fair ground shooting gallery, and ‘Tribble Knockout‘, which is probably one of the cards which is closest looking to the physical ones. At one point, there was also a scratch card with a local jackpot included in it, which was entitled ‘Triple Wins High Roller’. However, it was replaced by the video slot known as ‘Cosmic Fortune‘. It just goes to show that even these ticket games can feature jackpots as well as the more popular products.

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How Do I Wager on These Products?

Simply put, the answer to this question is simple. You don’t. Your wager is essentially the price you pay to purchase one of the cards, and you’ll pay this price for every round of the game you play. The value of the, differ from game to game, but it will always remain the same price. NetEnt’s products tend to have tickets costing either €0.50, €1 or €2 per game, and each of them provide a variety of different tools to scratch off the foil with, from chips to coins and even car keys. What provides these products with a bit more fun is the fact that you’re able to hear the scratching sound taking place whenever you remove the silver top.

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What Other Instant Win Games Are There?

Most other instant win games can be considered as lotteries of sorts, and the developer does also provide these as well. These don’t particularly come in the form of scratch cards, but instead, offer up the possibility of being an instant winner within a few seconds. Such titles in this range include ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Marbles’.

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