7 Gold

Netent has provided the gaming world with a few different scratch card products, and they have ranged in theme and type quite nicely. Some of them take on a more arcade feeling, while others provide a more regular and standard option. 7 Gold Scratch is one of the products that fits into the latter of these categories, providing a fairly simple and standard ticket layout, but also offering up a decently entertaining game for this genre as well. Obviously, it includes some of Netent’s best quality graphics, meaning that it’s both visually pleasing, and game play is intriguing on the whole. So whenever you’re ready to scratch off some panels to try and claim an instant win, we’d definitely recommend trying out this product as a primary option.


There’s a lot of hype for a scratch card entitled, ‘Ace’ to live up to. The question is whether or not this one from Netent is able to provide an intriguing enough game to play. It’s not one of those games that offers up a product with a back story, and instead, it provides you with a fairly standard scratch card offering. In fact, this one harkens back to the days of the original introduction of scratch cards to the world, presenting a single scratchable panel and basic background. However, despite this being a very simple offering from the developer, it’s all provided with the utmost quality in graphics and design.


As we may have noted before, we enjoy scratch cards that veer away from the regular, standard offerings and provide a game with a story or theme behind them instead. Netent has managed to provide a fair few of these types of games, and Fortuna is yet another of the offerings in this category. It takes on the theme of good luck symbols and charms, and you basically get to choose which of these you think will work the best for you. The question is, do you know which of these fortune symbols will provide you with the most luck? Whatever your choice is, you’ll be playing the game complete with the regular high quality Netent graphics and design.

Hall of Fame


We enjoy it when a scratch card comes along that features a great theme, high quality graphics and includes some sort of story behind it. These particular types of games are more entertaining and intriguing to play than the standard offerings in the genre, and Hall of Fame from Netent sits very nicely into this category. Rather than just offering up a regular scratch card, this one provides a nice back story. You basically play the part of a security guard in an art gallery, and it’s up to you to stop the invading robber from stealing all of the paintings in the hall. Alternatively, you can take on the role of the robber trying to steal the precious items. In usual Netent fashion, the Hall of Fame game provides its players with nice graphics and game play.

Triple Wins Jackpot

It’s true that Netent have crafted a few different scratch card games over the years, and some of them have taken on specific themes, whilst others have remained on the simpler side of design. Triple Wins Jackpot follows in the vein of the latter of these descriptions, offering up a fairly standard interface of a scratch card for you to play. However, while it may have a fairly simple layout, it does have a stand out quality in the fact that it offers up a progressive jackpot alongside the standard panel scratching. The graphics are of the usual Netent quality, although there’s nothing really that can be noted as a stand out set of imagery due to it being a scratch card offering. And as the game states, see if you can find the gold bars to try and win that jackpot!

Tribble Knockout

As far as scratch cards are concerned, many offerings in the genre provide just a standard layout and game play, but there are those which also incorporate an intriguing theme as well, and that’s definitely something that can be said about Tribble Knockout. The theme behind the game takes you straight to ringside for a boxing match, and if you’re looking to knock out your opponent you could win a vast amount once you do so. You’ll also get the classic scratch card sounds integrated into the game, as well as the usual high quality graphics from the Netent development team. So, get your boxing gloves on and head to the ring because you’ll need to be the one delivering the knock out punch!


A game that is entitled Bubbles might not sound like anything ultimately special, but check through our review of it and you’ll find that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It’s categorised as a scratch card game, but it works in quite a different way to the regular offerings in this genre. It’s designed in a very cheerful way, and rather than scratching panels off to reveal wins, you’ll need to burst the bubbles on the screen with this one. It sounds simple, and really, it is, but this is by no means a bad thing. The simplicity of it ensures that you have an easy time with trying to claim instant wins.

Triple Wins Star Ticket

There are a couple of games from Netent that take on the title of Triple Wins, although all of them have slightly alternative features included in them, despite all being in the scratch card genre. When it comes to Triple Wins Star Ticket, the game provides a sort of red carpet experience. It includes Netent’s usual selection of high quality graphics, so you’ll have an entertaining journey while playing this one. The regular scratch game sounds have also been added to it, so every time you scratch off the panels you’ll be hearing the familiar tones from your speakers. Overall, it’s a nicely designed game which fits very well into the Netent catalogue.

Triple Wins

So, you might have seen the Triple Wins Jackpot scratch game from Netent, which features its own progressive jackpot, but there’s also the possibility of playing the standard Triple Wins game as well. This one works in much the same way as the jackpot version, although it’s designed with different colours and features. However, when compared with other Netent products in this category, such as Marbles or Treasure Hunt – which are both very thematically designed – you’ll find that Triple Wins is a lot more basic in terms of both game play and overall interface. And like any physical scratch card that can be bought in land-based stores, Triple Wins has much the same appeal to it.

Treasure Hunt

It’s always great when a simple game like a scratch card is given a great theme. It gives it a bit of a twist as opposed to one of the standard offerings. This is definitely the case as far as Treasure Hunt from Netent is concerned, as it brings a theme based on exploring a found island for your treasure rewards. There isn’t any sort of ‘x marks the spot’ procedure in place, but it’s a similar sort of idea. Your main goal is to try and find as many treasure chests as possible in six turns. And you’re able to do this on an interface which has been designed with some of the highest quality graphics. It certainly beats trying to dig up your own garden for buried treasure, especially when you can proceed with such efforts from the comfort of your own home chair.