Live Dealer

The gaming industry has progressed exceptionally well over the past couple of decades, moving from land-based, to online and mobile casinos with relative ease. Technology is always changing and developing so as to include the latest and greatest features, and one of the more recent introductions to the sector has been that of the live casino. It’s only in the past few years that it has started to gain traction and popularity with gamers, but its once steady increase in demand has lately turned into a billowing industry, and several players will only join an online platform if there’s the possibility of being able to access live dealer games.

As such demand increased, software providers took it upon themselves to start developing their own live casino products, and NetEnt, amongst others, has done just that. The provider’s live casino was launched in beta form with two different online casinos in early 2013, and since that time, the number of platforms taking on these services has grown considerably. As the company describes in its own words, “With NetEnt’s Live Casino solution, you are joining an exclusive club where innovation enables flexibility and differentiation”. The developer has used only the latest and greatest technology to allow high definition streaming of its products, enabling both online platforms and gamers alike to get the best out of its offerings.