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Roulette Table Games
Roulette Table Games

Live Dealer Games: Roulette

If you enjoy playing roulette, but you’ve had to consign more of your time to playing it online, you may have found that the digital versions of such just aren’t the same kind of experience as what you’ll get in an actual casino. And why would they be? There’s nobody else to talk to, no casino atmosphere and no actual chips in your hands to place your bets. Instead, everything is done with the click of a mouse. Well, with live casino versions of roulette, you may just end up feeling like you’re back in the land-based establishment you’re all too familiar with. It provides you with the closest feeling you can get to feeling the ‘real life’ experience from your home computer.

There are several variations of this game that can be played in a live setting, including both Auto Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette, and the options of playing either European or French versions, and with or without La Partage. Each of these gives you the general game of roulette to play, but with a few select minor differences to provide gamers with a more personalised experience. However, despite their differences, all versions are streamed in high definition video quality directly from the NetEnt Casino studio based in Malta. As a game on the whole, roulette is considered to be by far the most popular and most played table game in both brick and mortar establishments, and online casinos. So, it stands to reason that there are these several different variations on the game, as well as the option of playing a computerised live version, or with an actual dealer.

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#2 Casinoland 100% up to £200*
#3 Kaboo 100% Up to €100
#4 Dunder 100% Up to €100*
#5 Casino Room 100% Up to €1500 100 Free Spins
#6 Super Lenny Casino Closed!
#7 Thrills Pay N Play No welcome bonus!
#8 Royal Panda 100%, up to €100*
#9 Casino Cruise 100% Up to $/€ 200* 200 Free Spins | Starburst*
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What Exactly is Offered by the Developer?

Playing live casino roulette, as noted, is just about the same as walking in to an actual casino, exchanging money for chips and taking a seat at the betting table. It’s really no different, and will give you the chance to customise any background music and noises, as well as further adjustable options to suit your own personal gaming preferences. Of course, it’s often customary to have a chat with other players while playing the game, as well as the croupier, and all of this is provided in the live games as well via a chat box. You’ll also have the opportunity to see other players winning, which could further boost your own feeling of luck as you continue playing rounds.

You’ll also get the option of playing the game with various different dealers, who tend to speak a few different languages. Native English, as well as Swedish and Italian dealers/croupiers are available across the range of live products provided by NetEnt, so there’s always the possibility of being able to communicate in a language that is more familiar to you than another. In addition, you’ll be able to view your game through two different cameras. One of these shows the betting table, while the other will provide you with a birds eye view of the roulette wheel as it’s spinning.

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The Versions of Roulette on Offer

As previously noted, there are a few different versions of this game able to be played, each of which has slightly different options when compared to another. Depending upon the casino you choose to play these games in, you could be given the choice of accessing either a European version or a French version of it. They’re both very similar in style on the whole, but the betting field layout differs ever so slightly. In both of these versions though, several different bets can be played, such as Orphelins, Tiers and Zero, and some casinos will also provide you with the possibility of playing with La Partage. Should this be done, the minimum bet will increase to €2 rather than €1.

There’s also the chance to access the game known as Auto Roulette. This is still a live casino game which is broadcast from the same studio in Malta, but rather than providing you with an actual person to spin the wheel and take your bets, it is all operated by a computer. Furthermore, this particular version of the game has a maximum possible bet level of €20,000, whereas the others all have a maximum of €75,000.

Playing both the live dealer and automated versions of the game will see you simply take a seat at the table, place your bets on whichever number(s) or colour you like, and the wheel will be spun as in any normal game of roulette. There’s really nothing more to it. And that’s another reason why so many people enjoy playing such a product – because it’s simple to participate in, regardless of whether it’s done in an actual brick and mortar casino, or online via a live dealer setting or not.

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