Blackjack Table Games
Blackjack Table Games
Blackjack Table Games

Live Dealer Games: Blackjack

Live casino games are generally always table games featuring actual dealers or croupiers. Of course, this is pretty much an obvious thing, as slot games don’t require anyone to do any actual physical work, so there’s little point to them being live. In terms of the products usually offered in this sector, Blackjack is probably one of the most prevalent. Many developers provide several different variations on the game as standard, although live options tend to be a little less diverse. NetEnt offers up two varieties of it, those being the Standard 7 Seat Blackjack and the newer Common Draw Blackjack.

Both of these work in the same basic way, although they’re separated by their minor differences, such as the ability for over 100 players to simultaneously play the Common Draw version. The live versions of the game are basically exactly the same as the standard table games, with the exception of being managed by a live dealer, rather than a computer. In that instance, it provides a more immersive and compelling game, with players being able to chat to the dealer and to each other in relative ease. In fact, live blackjack has been one of NetEnt’s more intriguing success stories, with many gamers preferring to experience the authentic casino atmosphere, rather than the relatively blunt and uninspiring RNG versions online.

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Standard 7 Seat Blackjack

Whenever you visit an online casino which provides live options, you’ll usually find that the blackjack products have a limited amount of seats at their tables, which is exactly the case with this game. 7 Seat is exactly as it sounds. There’s a total of seven places spread around a table, which can be joined and left as a player chooses, although anyone wanting to join a table will need to wait until a space becomes available. If you’ve played the standard table game of this particular product before, you’ll know a little about how it works, although the live version is laid out a little differently.

On the left side of the screen, you’re able to view the minimum and maximum bets able to be placed per round. This box will also give you the option to chat with either the dealer and/or other current players, whilst also showing other details such as your current balance, bets placed and previous win. There are also various settings and customisation features included, which allow you to alter the table you’re at, or the dealer you’re playing with, as well as options for active sound effects, background music and other features. The right hand side of the screen gives you the chance to view the dealer’s last 10 hands, as well as the percentage outcome of the last hand.

From then on, there’s just a standard game play of blackjack, which begins with you placing your bets, which in this game are able to be placed up to a maximum level of €10,000 per round. Once the dealer has called no more bets, she or he will begin dealing the cards. It’s then up to the players as to whether they stand or have further cards dealt. After the dealer has gone around all players, he or she will then turn their own cards. Simple.

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Common Draw Blackjack

As mentioned, the main difference between this version of the game and the standard version is the fact that there can be an unlimited amount of players accessing this table, and all players are dealt the same hand of cards to gamble with. This means that this version is a lot faster paced as each different player does not have to wait their turn. This particular variation on the game is played with six decks of cards and they are shuffled constantly by a professional card shuffling machine. Three versions of this game are available, those being Low, Standard and High Limit, which refers to the minimum and maximum level of the bets you can place.

The layout of the screen is exactly the same as for the standard version, presenting you with information around the sides of the table for you to potentially use in placing your bets. As for the table, everything remains the same, except for the player positions. Because the same cards are dealt for every player accessing this version of the game, there’s just a single location for you to place your bets, which is directly opposite the dealer.

Once bets have been placed by all different gamers at the table, the dealer will then deal out a single card to the players, followed by a single card for themselves, both of which are placed face up on the table. A second card will then be dealt to the players, and unless there’s an instant Blackjack of Ace and a 10, you have the option to stand, hit, split or double, depending upon the cards showing. Cards continue being drawn out until all players are concluded, and then completes their own hand. Players placing winning bets are paid out according to the dealer’s hand outcome.

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