We know that there are a vast amount of gamers out there, and there’s a wide range of games on offer in several different genres. Netent offers up quite a lot of these, but we also know that it’s sometimes good to take a break from spinning slots or being dealt card hands. That’s where a few rounds of playing bingo could come in to play, and Netent has created a game in order to cater to this. It’s a thoroughly exciting digital version of the well-known land-based game that has been played in halls around the world for many years. You can choose to play up to three tickets in this particular game for extra chances to win. And not only that, but the game is connected to a progressive jackpot as well, meaning that you could be the recipient of a huge win!

Golden Derby


There’s a certain drive to find new and innovative casino games online these days, and Netent has been a great developer in designing and providing such products to the gaming community. One of the games in this category is entitled Golden Derby, which takes you straight to the races! This one offers up a visually stunning game which is designed in high quality 3D and gives you an extra dimension to your game play. It basically allows you to be at the track without actually being there. And you get to pick your favourite horse to wager on as well.


What could be better than watching and betting on horse race games from the comfort of your own home chair? And one thing further, there’s a progressive jackpot included in Golden Derby as well, meaning that you have the potential to become a big winner from a single race!

Bonus Keno

For those players who enjoy taking a break from the regular casino games, such as slots and table offerings, perhaps you should try out the Bonus Keno option from Netent. It’s got all the thrills of products like bingo and lotteries, but it’s also got its very own progressive jackpot incorporated as well. So, you could be a big winner by playing it! If you’re not familiar with the game of keno, allow us to give you a quick introduction to it. It’s basically like a lottery type of game where you place wagers on certain numbers ranging from one through to 80, and once this has been done a total of 20 numbers are drawn out at random. Players are paid based on the amount of numbers that were chosen being drawn out. And, of course, this is a Netent game, so all of this takes place on a graphically superior interface, ensuring that you have the most entertaining round of game play possible.