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As all countries tend to have their own banks and banking systems in place, it’s become ever more common for each of them to also provide their own internet banking solutions as well. This is exactly the case of eKonto, which is owned by the Austrian firm, Raiffeisen Bank. However, it isn’t a service available to Austrians, but is instead, exclusive to citizens of the Czech Republic. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular methods of making online payments within the country as well. The reason behind this? Well, it’s a safe and secure method of transferring money, which is thanks mainly due to the reliability and respectability of the Raiffeisen company.

eKonto was established back in 2008, and at this time, it was the bank’s flagship product within the Czech Republic. It provides customers with an internet bank account, which allows holders of such to manage their finances by direct internet banking. Not only that, but Raiffeisen have also added a savings account for users to make use of, offering attractive interest rates, as well as rewards and bonuses for frequent savers. In actuality, the whole service works just about the same as a regular bank account, although transfers of your funds to buy goods or services are a lot faster than what a standard bank wire transfer is.

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How Do I Use eKonto to Fund My Online Casino Account?

In order to use this service in any shape, way or form, customers will need to open an account at one of the 300 branches of Raiffeisen Bank based in the Czech Republic. Upon doing this, you’ll receive several different security keys, which provides access to the various different eKonto features. The actual account itself has three different online payment solutions available to take advantage of, which are ‘Direct Banking’, ‘Debit Payment Cards’ and ‘Shopping Over the Internet’. Regardless of which of these methods you use to purchase goods or services, you can guarantee that they’ll all be instant transactions.

When it comes to depositing into your online gaming account, you will obviously need to be logged into the casino in the first instance. Then, you should head over to the cashier page. Here, you’ll find a list of all the different depositing methods offered by the platform, and you’ll need to select eKonto as your preferred method. Doing so will re-direct you to the website of eKonto Direct Banking, and you’ll need to log in to your account with your own credentials. Check that the deposit amount you would like to transfer is correct, and then confirm the pre-filled deposit form. After doing so, your funds will be instantly sent from your bank account to your gaming account.

eKonto do also provide both Visa and MasterCard debit cards and a MasterCard InternetCard, which are also able to be used in the way that a standard card is used at the cashier, and these are also instant transactions. However, there isn’t as much information passed between yourself and the casino platform with the standard internet bank transfer, so it’s considered to be a little bit safer than the alternatives. Unfortunately, casinos don’t allow withdrawals to be made via this method, so you’ll have to resort to a standard bank wire transfer of winnings, which can take up to five business days in general.

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What Advantages Does Using eKonto Bring?

There are quite a few advantages of using this method of depositing over others, starting with the fact that it’s considered to be one of the safer method of money transfer. Of course, the fact that it’s an instant deposit into your casino account is always helpful, and not only that, but it’s anonymously sent as well, meaning that your personal data is kept safe and secure. The fact that the company also provides standard debit cards, as mentioned, provides you with not only a bank account, but the ability to purchase things both online and offline.

However, there are also a couple of disadvantages to using the service as well, with the first of these being the fact that some features of eKonto have a fee with them. Not only that, but as mentioned, withdrawals cannot be sent from a casino platform to an account with this company, so other methods need to be utilised.

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