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There have been a multitude of eWallets introduced to the online world over the past decade or so, all of which provide people with an alternative method of purchasing goods and services. Many will utilise these particular options for funding their online gaming account with, and while one or two of these particular types of payment methods currently stand at the front of the popularity line, others are also making great strides. Click2Pay may not have as much recognition as say Paypal, or perhaps Skrill, but it provides many of the same services and functions, and can probably be classed as the current runner up to the three main forerunners.

The company was founded in 2003, and is currently owned by Click2Pay GmbH, which is a full subsidiary of Wire Card AG. While it was established in the German city of Munich, it’s headquarters have since been relocated to the capital of Berlin, and while this particular eWallet is mainly used by German and Russian gamers, it is available throughout many other countries as well. On the whole, this type of payment method is considered by many to be a lot more secure than funding an online account with a credit or debit card, as you aren’t actually providing the casino with any of your card details to use it. Click2Pay instead sends funds from your eWallet account into your casino account.

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How Do I Use This Payment Method To Deposit Into My Online Casino Account? 

Using Click2Pay is very much the same as using any other eWallet, although, of course, they all have their slight differences in order to provide their own unique options. Should you find yourself wanting to go ahead with depositing via this method, you will need to open an account via their website. This is easily done, and simply requires you to enter a few of your details, such as name and address, as well as an email address, which is where you will verify the account opening. You’ll then need to link this up to some sort of funding location.

This basically works in the same way as having a Paypal account works. Rather than funding your actual Click2Pay wallet, you can instead add a credit or debit card, or a bank account to your profile in order to start using your eWallet. This makes the process a little easier, as instead of you having to transfer funds from your bank account to your eWallet and then from there to your casino account, you’ll simply transfer them directly from your bank account via Click2Pay without the casino platform having anything to do with your bank-stored funds.

Once your account has been opened, linked to a funding source and verified by Click2Pay, you can begin making purchases online from accepted merchants, or, funding any sort of gaming account you have which offers this method. To do this, you’ll need to go to the platform you wish to deposit into, ensure that you’re logged in, and make your way to their cashier page. Select the Click2Pay option as your preferred payment method and once you have done so, you’ll be prompted to enter your Personal Account Number (PAN) and ID code from the eWallet. Following on from this, you simply need to enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on the confirm button. Funds will be transferred instantly, giving you the opportunity to start playing your favourite products straight away.

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What Benefits Do I Get from Using Click2Pay? 

The first big benefit of using any eWallet to fund your online casino account is the fact that it is safer than entering personal card details. Click2Pay uses a 128-bit encryption code in order to carry out the transactions, so you’ll always feel safe in the knowledge that the potential threat of someone stealing your bank or card details is minimal at best.

Obviously, the fact that it works as an instant payment is also a great feature. With this, you’re able to make your deposit and start/continue playing slots or table games, for example, at your own earliest convenience. Withdrawals tend to run in the same vein as well. Once the casino has processed everything through, it should appear in your eWallet account almost instantly.

However, like anything, there are one or two disadvantages of using this payment method. For example, the amounts you’re initially able to transfer are quite limited as a new user, and these will only increase to a higher level the more you use Click2Pay. Also, not every online casino will allow withdrawals via this method, even if they accept deposits. In that instance, you’ll end up having to wait for a withdrawal via bank transfer.

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