For certain countries, making deposits into online casinos, or even just buying items online in general can be a difficult thing to do. One such country is Brazil. Online bank transfers or card payments aren’t able to be done with the ease of many European countries, especially when it comes to funding gambling sites. However, there is one method of transferring money from one place to another and that is with the Boleto Bancário service. Usually just referred to as Boleto, this provides Brazilian citizens with a highly popular and well-liked electronic payment system.

Introduced by an association of Brazilian banks and used on a daily basis by millions of Brazilian customers, the system has been regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN), and the service allows its users to not only fund online casino accounts and purchase goods online, but also to pay any bills or buy services. And this is all done with a cash deposit, which is then transferred over to the merchant – in this case, the casino. To put it simply, a player takes cash along and it is converted into an electronic payment transaction by the use of a bank slip, which is the translation of Boleto Bancário.