Bancontact Mister Cash

Online banking is able to offer up easy and secure ways of depositing funds into your casino gaming account. However, because different countries have different banks, it’s not really so possible to have one method of bank transfer that caters to all. This is why several countries have their own services offering online bank transfers. One such company is Bancontact Mister Cash, which is a popular and widely used payment method for citizens of Belgium. In fact, it’s so specific to this country that you need to have an account with a Belgian bank and be a resident within the country to use it. If you meet this criteria, you’ll be ready to get started.

The payment system has actually been on offer to Belgian citizens for a considerable number of years now, being introduced way back in 1979. And while the company is known generally as Bancontact, its full name, including the Mister Cash part, comes from the two banking systems used by them, which were originally separate. During the eighties, these systems were merged and became a single banking method, which is the one still in operation today. It would only be made available as on online service as of 2006, and since that time, it has grown in strength and popularity, offering direct banking services via the use of a physical credit card.