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Astropay, for all intents and purposes can be classified as a Virtual prepaid card in the first instance, and it offers up an alternative payment method to those online gamers who do not wish to use a physical credit or debit card to fund their accounts with. It was introduced to the industry as a way of providing a safer and more secure way of transferring money, and is very much utilised by those players who do not wish to input personal card details on online platforms. As an online payment method, the company places much of its focus on offering its services to Latin America, providing its website in both Spanish and Portuguese as well as English. It’s popularity can be attested to the vast amount of local payment options that can be used to fund the Astropay virtual card. The company also introduced Astropay Direct recently as well, providing further options to its already burgeoning choice.

The company was actually established back in June of 2009, so they haven’t specifically been in business for as long as some of the other alternatives. However, it is owned by the AstroPay LLP Group, which is a financial services organisation with its headquarters based in London, United Kingdom. It is considered to be the fastest growing payment solution within Latin America, and quite possibly the most popular, as many other options are not available to citizens of such countries. This was the basis for forming the business – to provide Latin America with an easy to use, secure and quick payment method for their online gaming needs.

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Top Astropay Casinos

100%, up to €/$ 100

Up to 77 Free Spins

Casino closed!

33 Free Spins*

100% up to €300

50 Free Spins

100 Free Spins

100% Up to €500

200% Up to $400

100% up to €300

50 Free Spins

110% up to €110

50 Free Spins

100% up to €250

100% Up to $200

100% up to €200

4,200 extra spins + 11 wager-free welcome spins

100% Up to €200

50 Free Spins

100% Up to $150

100%, up to €100*

Casino Rating Bonus Free spins Visit Casino
#1 7 Gods Casino 100%, up to €/$ 100 Up to 77 Free Spins
#2 Triple Aces Casino closed! 33 Free Spins*
#3 Parasino 100% up to €300 50 Free Spins
#4 William Hill 100 Free Spins
#5 Ladbrokes 100% Up to €500
#6 Poker Stars 200% Up to $400
#7 Omni Slots 100% up to €300 50 Free Spins
#8 Flamantis 110% up to €110 50 Free Spins
#9 ExclusiveBet 100% up to €250
#10 888 100% Up to $200
#11 Videoslots 100% up to €200 4,200 extra spins + 11 wager-free welcome spins
#12 Noxwin 100% Up to €200 50 Free Spins
#13 Jetbull 100% Up to $150
#14 Royal Panda 100%, up to €100*
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How Can I Use Astropay with My Online Casino Account?

If you’re based in Latin America and would like to use the Astropay services, it’s very simple to work with. If you’re interested in using the Astropay virtual prepaid card, you will first need to sign up for an account with them. This is done via the company website for free, and registering requires you to enter your email address, create a password, and fill in some basic personal details, such as your name and contact information. You then need to select which value of prepaid card you’d like to purchase, with various different values being offered in a multitude of currencies. Purchasing a virtual card will then require you to pay for it in some way, either via cash payment, direct debit or a bank transfer, and this is paid for in your local currency as well.

Following on from this, Astropay will confirm the payment and send you the details of your virtual card by email. This can then be used in the same way as a normal credit or debit card, simply by going to the casino cashier page, selecting Astropay and inputting the card details in the relevant boxes. Then, you simply enter the amount you’d like to deposit and the transfer is done instantly.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use the more recently introduced Astropay Direct service, this doesn’t require any sign up on the company website. You do, of course, need to be logged in to the online casino, and once again, you’re required to visit the cashier page. Select the Astropay option from the list and then you should be able to select your bank of preference – which obviously needs to be a bank where you hold an account. You’ll then be prompted to log in to your online banking account, and again, you’ll be sending the funds in your local currency to the casino. This works in much the same way, with the funds you request to be transfer being sent instantly.

So, regardless of whether you utilise the virtual prepaid card or the direct service, you can guarantee that the company will ensure your funds are sent straight away. This allows you the opportunity to begin playing your favourite slots, table games or video poker, or whatever you prefer, instantaneously.

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How Does Using Astropay Benefit Me?

If you’re looking for advantages of using this service, you needn’t look so far. Choosing to utilise this method will provide a safe and secure option, as personal and banking data are not shared between yourself and the casino platform. Instead, payments are sent anonymously and in encrypted format. Not only that, but the fact that you don’t have to sign up to use the services unless selecting the virtual card, makes it even better, as personal details won’t be stored on yet another site.

Furthermore, as users are able to buy virtual cards or use the direct service in their local currency, it frees them from any conversion fees and rates, and as far as the Astropay card goes, purchasing one of these also gives you a certain level of control over the amount you spend in an online casino.

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