Evolution Slot

As we’re all aware, evolution concerns the progression of life on earth, from the very creation of the world right through to modern day animals and plant life. However, this game from NetEnt concerns the early days of evolution, taking us back to the times when animal life was in the process of changing in to what it has become today. As such, you’re taken deep under the water, to where all life began. As the scientific story goes, life began from microscopic microbes. Cells which divided and multiplied to form fish in the sea, which then evolved further to create amphibian creatures, and further along than that to create mammals, birds and reptiles, amongst others. Alongside this watery scenario, players will also be presented with an aural treat for the ears, as the developer has also included a very atmospheric piece of music to accompany your game play. A further visual treat of this game, which is only something minor, but still noticeable, is the fact that the reels spin upwards rather than downwards.

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