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The iPad has become one of the most popular tablets in this day and age, so if you’re not familiar with it yet, there’s something amiss. These devices are a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first of these was released in April of 2010, and they quickly gained a vast following, thanks to their ease of usability. The user interface is built around the device’s multi-touch screen, which also includes a virtual keyboard. They have built-in wifi and certain models also include mobile connectivity, enabling users to have it function as both a telephone and a computer. As of January 2015, reports suggests that over 250 million iPads have been sold, although they are only the second most popular in sales, falling short to Android-based ones.

Apple have been churning out tablets since the early 90s as it happens, with their first product being the Newton MessagePad 100, which was powered by an ARM6 processor core. The company would re-enter the mobile-computing markets in 2007 when they launched the iPhone, which pioneered the multi-touch finger-sensitive touchscreen interface of their iOS operating system. It was actually discovered later on that Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, had begun developing the iPad before the iPhone, although initially, it was to be a stylus-based tablet. Since its 2010 release, the device has gone through several different changes, with more recent models being known as the iPad Pro and the iPad Air.

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What NetEnt Features Can be Accessed Via the iPad? 

The iPad works in much the same way as a home computer, or rather, a laptop without the connected keyboard. Therefore, just about everything you can do on such a product is also able to be done on the iPad as well. This includes accessing a wide range of games and products from NetEnt via their Touch software. When this software was originally launched, it was only initially made available to those devices which contained iOS – namely, the iPhone and iPad. Therefore, users of such products were able to get a head start on all others. NetEnt would only originally transfer several of their much-loved existing products onto the mobile platform, before opening it up to Android and starting to include new games alongside. These were not games specifically created for mobile devices, but instead, would be released at the same time in both desktop and mobile versions.

Needless to say, because NetEnt Touch would serve iOS devices in the first instance, it’s probably safe to say that they’ve had the longest amount of time to become compatible with the platform and its various options. iPads do, of course, provide a larger screen than a standard smartphone does, so it’s more like you’re mobile gaming on a large screen, using the touch screen capabilities in order to spin the reels or have more cards dished out to you, for example.

What’s also great about the possibilities of accessing products from this developer via a mobile device is the fact that the live casino options are also available through such. So, as well as playing the regular slot games like ‘Starburst’ and ‘Neon Staxx’, anyone accessing the NetEnt products via their iPad can also participate in a few round of live blackjack, or live roulette. The graphics will obviously depend upon the speed of your data or wifi connection, but should this be strong, you’ll be able to see the same crystal clear imagery as what can be found on your home computer. So, all in all, you’ll have access to a variety of video slots, table games, live casino options, scratch cards and the majority of other products from this developer – all of which will come with the same impressive graphics and animations as can be found in the desktop versions.

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How Do I Access the Games on my iPad? 

You may think that gaming on the go isn’t going to be so easy. Several things that can be done via your mobile devices are much easier to access and complete via your desktop computer. However, when it comes to the compatibility of your iPad with the NetEnt Touch games, accessing these is simple. You’ll need to be registered at a casino which offers mobile services, although there are a vast amount of these available online already, so finding one if you aren’t already signed up should be easy.

In the first instance, you can access the casino platform via your web browser and log in. You should be presented with a mobile version of the platform, so you’ll simply use the site in the same way as you would normally, navigating your way to your preferred game and using the touchscreen to play it from there onwards. Others will offer a QR code, which can be scanned by the camera of your iPad, and this will then re-divert you to the mobile version of the casino platform.

It’s also true to say that some casinos offer up apps of their respective online platform, which simply requires you to download such for free. You’ll then be able to log in via the app and participate in your favourite NetEnt products from there. It’s really that simple.

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