Mega Fortune

If money is the aim of the game for you, then you’ll definitely feel at home playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune video slot. Not only because it offers up a great game to play in general, but because there’s also a wonderfully intriguing progressive jackpot included alongside everything else. And with the symbols included on its reels, you’ll definitely get a glimpse into what you could buy as a potential jackpot winner! The backdrop of the game is filled with bright spotlights shining in to the sky, while private jets are taking off, luxury yachts are sailing by, and the image of palm trees gives the impression of viewing all of this from a private island. Not only that, but there’s a suave piece of music playing to accompany your game play, making you feel lucky from the start of the game right through to the end. All of the graphics and animations included have been designed and implemented to the best of the developer’s abilities, making this product a great one to play.