France, alongside both Germany and the United Kingdom, sit at the top of Europe for having the most land-based establishments to offer gambling games. It is a country which is rich with gambling history, stretching back hundreds of years. Not only that, but France has also contributed greatly to the development of many popular casino games, which are still played to this day. It would be in this country that the Queen became a permanent fixture in decks of cards, replacing the Nobleman card in the 1500s. In addition to this, the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel in the 17th century, which would later go on to provide gamers with the roulette game. And not only that, but parimutuel betting is of French origins as well, being invented in the 1870s.

So, as you can see, the country has had a big love affair with the gambling world over the years. There are around 160 casinos located in France, and there’s even a casino cruise boat alongside. Most of these establishments are to be found in Paris, but one or two other popular destinations within the country have also found themselves being able to offer gambling services as well. Because of the multitude of inventions and casinos that are related to the country, gambling remains one of the more popular pastimes there, and this fondness for the industry has also spread to the online world.

France is also home to a number of famous land-based casinos, which have received worldwide acclaim. The minimum gambling age in the country is set at 18, following a reduction from 21 in the year of 1987. Popular gambling games in the country start with horse racing, which is by far the most loved of all sports, considered by many to be a national pastime. In fact,, most of the tax money generated from gambling companies offering horse racing services is reinvested into the sport.