Casino Warning: Winner Casino // Horrible Rules

Winner Casino


Playtech announced in a press release last month that a €2.37 million jackpot had been won on their Gladiator progressive slot.

This is a game that many Playtech based casinos are offering, including Winner Casino where the jackpot was hit.

What Playtech did not mention in their press release is that Winner Casino has several unacceptable and unfair withdrawal rules that also apply to progressive wins.

For example, players from all countries in the world (except the UK) are not allowed to cash out more than between €5600-9000 per 30 days according to Winner’s terms and conditions.

Players from for example Norway (playing in local currency) are not allowed to cash out more than about €6200 per 30 days (rule 8.4.4 English version).

Players from for example Sweden (playing in local currency) are not allowed to cash out more than about €5600 per 30 days (rule 8.4.4 English version).

If a player from Norway should hit a €2.37 million jackpot at Winner, then it would take them 30 years to pay according to their own rules.


Gladiator Jackpot Playtech


The thing is that money from pooled progressive jackpots does not belong to the casino where the jackpot was hit.

These funds have been collected from many different casinos and should be paid out quickly in one big sum to the lucky player (or in very reasonable chunks).

We have tried to ask Winner Casino about these rules (through 3 different channels) but they have chosen to ignore us. 

Our opinion is that players should stay away from Winner Casino and affiliated casinos.


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